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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

My 9/11 story. I was a speaker at the 12th Microsoft Visual FoxPro? Developer’s Conference (“DevCon”). I went downstairs from my hotel room at the San Diego Harbor Hyatt to discover the horror of the terrorist acts. Large TVs had been rolled into each room. I watched as the towers fell. As the 8 AM sessions of DevCon were about to begin, I went to the speaker’s lounge to see how my fellow speakers were holding up. There was a discussion over whether we should continue. My statement was simple enough: “If we don’t keep going on, we let the bastards win.” A few days later, at a gathering, I overheard an attendee thanking a speaker for having kept their session going. He said that to do otherwise would have been “to let the bastards win.”

I like to think that I helped.

Framework is still supported, according to this website. Still DOS-based. Still powerful enough for most people.

If you’re looking to buy me a nice shirt, this one would be nice in a large.

This article reports on “Microsoft’s Next Must-Have Operating System” – not Microsoft .NET Server 2003, due out sometime soon, but the next one after that!

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