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Friday, September 13, 2002

Salon: “Forbidden Thoughts of 9/11”

Jim Alchin was busy yesterday. First, he’s Frustrated over the lack of Web Services acceptance here, criticizing the Linux kernel here, and then he’s making promises for 2003-4-5 here.

I’ve been trying to download Service Pack 1 of Windows XP for three days. I have gotten to within 97% complete and gotten the transfer terminated. Microsoft doens’t seem to be providing an ftp server where I could try to pick up the transfer where it drops off. This is frustrating. It’s only 133 megabytes. I had no trouble downloading .iso files for 6 CDs worth of Red Hat, around 3 gigabytes. Wonder if someone is trying to tell me something.

Cringley is at it again, with details here of his plan for a freely-distributable, GPL, compatible with any platform, TV for nerds series. With all this noveltie about the medium and its delivery format, I sure hope the content justifies the rumble.

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