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Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the new and renewed MVPs. I did not receive the
award this year, which is probably all for the best. Here’s the post
from the Wiki:
The MVP Award, which stands for “Most Valuable Professional” is an
annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s peer-to-peer
communities. The following list contains all of the names of the
current VFP MVPs who have received awards for … more at FoxForum Wiki

LinkSys WiFi Cable Router with Virtual Private Networking for $229

Some cool hardware. Definitely a candidate for the next home office upgrade…
Linksys Ships VPN Server.
“Linksys ships the WRV54G, which offers up to 50 VPN connections in an
office: This $230 device could replace much more expensive equipment
for managing VPNs. It handles just the IPsec-over-L2TP method, as far
as I can figure out from the extremely detailed user manual. It looks
like just the ticket for an office that needs robust security without
the complexity of managing a high-end server. This could transform the
cost and politics of VPNs….” [Wi-Fi Networking News]

Geer Comments on Firing from @Stake

A follow-up on the posting from last week: Geer Comments On Firing From @Stake. A great quote:

But Geer isn’t convinced. The company said Geer’s last day as an
employee was Tuesday, but the announcement wasn’t made until Thursday,
the day after the paper was published. Geer went on a conference call
with reporters Wednesday morning and identified himself as an @stake
employee and added that the opinions in the paper were his own and not
the company’s.

“The Venn diagram of facts doesn’t intersect. The intersection of all of those statements is the null set,” Geer said.

From Slashdot

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