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FoxCentral.Net Update: live, just not Mozilla-compatible

My bad, partially. I called the FoxCentral.Net RSS feed as broken. In
fact, it seems to work fine in Internet Explorer, just not in Mozilla.
The line in question is:

<table border="1" style="border-collapse:collapse" bgcolor="#FF0000">
<td style="color:white;font-weight:bold;font-size:8pt;cursor:hand"

where it is depending on the window.navigate function. Don’t know why they just don’t make it an anchor tag.

The link for the RSS feed is if you want to access it directly. The authors will still need to do a little tweaking to get a feed that validates in FeedValidator though the Radio validator thinks it’s okay.

FoxCentral.Net announces RSS Feed; not yet live

Congratulations to FoxCentral.Net at announcing their new RSS feed.
However, while the authors created the button, the link is not yet
active. I hope they also consider RSS auto-discovery, which will make it far easier for automated search engine bots to discover and register the RSS feed. Here’s the announcement:
FoxCentral.Net available as RSS feed.
FoxCentral.Net can now be loaded into any RSS compliant news feed
reader. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is becoming a standard format for
Web sites to publish their content using a common simple XML format
that can be aggregated easily in various news feed readers. To access
the RSS feed, visit the FoxCentral.Net site and click on the RSS link
in the sitebar. You can use this URL with any RSS news aggregator. [FoxCentral]”

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