Archive | October 15, 2003

Great Lakes Great Database WorkShop Wrap-Up

The last three sessions of the conference and a closing session closed
the GLGDW conference. I saw Kevin McNeish in the first slot,
demonstrating Pocket PC and .NET interactions. The second slot was
Lauren Clarke with his demo of creating SVG with Visual FoxPro in a
session called “One Thousand Data Points are Worth a Picture.” Great
demo with interesting demos, animated cartoons, understandable code and
a clear and humorous speaker. Great stuff.

Great Lakes Great Database Workshop Day Three

Another great day in Milwaukee. Saw more good sessions: Rick Borup on InnoSetup, Cathy Pountney on File Factories. Missed Predrag Bosnic on UI Design, but I hear it was a great session. Dan Jurden on SQL Server UDFs and Paul McNett on Linux Programming Tools. I wrapped up the sessions by presenting my Software Licensing session at the last time slot, and finished up well with my best session of the conference. Conference is well-attended; I’d guess around 200 people, which fills the facilities here pretty well.

We had a night off from planned events, so Laura and I and Rick Borup enjoyed a dinner at Mader’s, [updated link] one of the many fine German restaurants in downtown Milwaukee. Finished off the day with a good can-you-top-this session in the conference hotel bar with “Oh, yeah? I once worked on software so bad…” All in all, a great day.

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