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ftalecover.jpgI got to meet Kerry Neitz at the Great Lakes Great Database Workshop
and he’s a charming, intelligent and extremely shy guy who was brave
enough to stand up in front of 200 Fox developers and share his story.
The book, “FoxTales,” available from Hentzenwerke Publishing,
is an expansion on that story. I finished the book today, and enjoyed
it thoroughly. If you were a participant in the Fox world in those days
(1988-1992), you should enjoy the book as well.

Microsoft reports revenues up

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator revisited.
“During my session at BloggerCon I referred to Apple’s famous Knowledge Navigator concept video. I first saw that video in 1988. Today I tracked down a copy and watched it again. It stands the test of time rather well! 
” [Jon’s Radio]

The DynaBook demo was truly a vision at a time when color CRTs were a
novelty in the business world: a flat panel with sound and color and
animation, touch screen drag-and-drop and small memory cartridges with
large capacities. So much of the hardware has come true, and so little
of the software functionality is available! It seems we have once again
underestimated the complexity and resources required for software

Microsoft reports revenues up

CNET – Front Door carries the story that \”PC sales bolster Microsoft profits. The software giant reports earnings that narrowly topped Wall Street expectations as sales rose 6 percent from a year ago. \” Not a surprise to those of us who follow Microsoft. What was surprising was the breakdown of sales across Microsoft’s seven divisions and the fact the CNET reported it without any analysis of what, if anything, those numbers meant. Perhaps a picture would have helped…

Msft2003.GIFThis one, perhaps, that would have shown that revenues were flat in client (Windows) and Information Worker (Office) divisions – no surprise with a flat economy and little innovation. That Server bumped up by 15% surprises me, Can anyone explain that one? And it’s pretty obvious, in the big picture, those are the three that matter. In the smaller divisions, though, there’s where the growth is: Mobile up an astounding 88%, Home nearly 20% and MSN 15%. Business Solutions also turned in a respectable 21%. Too bad these weren’t standalone companies: their returns would have been better than the 4.9% overall increase in sales. But then again, would the sales have occurred without the backing of Microsoft?

Microsoft Security Bulletins MS03-047 and MS03-045 revised

Remember the weekly Microsoft Security Bulletins that Microsoft
announced would be reduced to one per month to relieve the burden on
adminstrators? That lasted three weeks. In my inbox this morning are
two messages, titled “REVISED: Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin
Summary for October 2003” and “REVISED: Microsoft Exchange Server
Security Bulletin Summary for October 2003” Each bulletin is a complete
reprint of the original, with a paragraph tacked on the front
explaining that one of the items in each bulletin has changed
significantly, and to see that particular item for details.

Well, it’s better than not telling us at all, but the format could be better. I’d prefer individual security bulletins.

OSNews Apple Buying Guide: Is it Time to Own a Mac?

OSNews Editor Eugenia Loli-Queru posts this buying guide on OS News. It starts:

Admit it, you do want to own a Mac.
But for some specific reasons –mostly higher prices, especially out of
US– most of the people don’t take the big decision to try out Macs.
Yesterday Apple released brand new iBooks and updated eMacs, which in
conjuction to the existing G4 PowerMacs, come in very affordable
prices. Dive in to see some simple feature comparisons between Mac
models and prices, which can help you make the big step towards Mac OS
X. The time is right, prices are right, feature-set is right too and
Christmas is coming soon!

Apple Buying Guide: Is it Time to Own a Mac?

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