Archive | November 8, 2003

Doc Searl’s SuitWatch

In Doc’s latest SuitWatch column, he collects an intriguing variety of opinions on the Novell – SuSE acquisition. In summary, this is not the Novell of past decades and they have their work cut out for them, finding the successful path from proprietary NOS vendor to OSS supporter. Let’s wish them luck. Competition is good for the marketplace and good for innovation.

Fedora Followup: Perhaps Things Are Not As Bad As They First Appeared

First, I found that I was misinformed in thinking that Fedora could not be installed as an upgrade over RedHat 8 or 9. It appears that that is not a problem.

I’ve successfully download all three binary and three source CD-ROM images for Fedora via BitTorrent, while simultaneously passing them on to others, acting as part of the solution to the problem. I plan to install them on the test workstation laptop this coming week, and then the in-house intranet server should that go well.

Fedora is getting a good reception, so far. Ars Technica said nice things about it here. I’ll give it a try and tell you my experiences.

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