Archive | November 29, 2003

New RSS Feed: Ted Roche & Associates, LLC web site changes

RSS doesn’t have to just be about news, or blogs. It can also serve as a good source of information on what’s new on a web site. At, I’ve just started an RSS feed where I will post changes to the web site as they are made. There are a substantial number of white papers and sample code snippets on the site, but many are not well-organized or presented. I hope to punch each sample up, and as I do I’ll post it to the RSS feed.

The feed is maintained with some simple Visual FoxPro code I demonstrated at the 2003 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, and I’ll be glad to pass it on to any Fox developer interested in doing the same to his or her site.

Scott Dierdorf: Hey, who’s the boss here? Is it me — or my computer?

Scott Dierdorf writes a great column in the Baltimore Sun this week, picked up by my local paper — haven’t found a link online yet. In it Scott bemoans the machine that takes more to maintain than it gives us back. In part, he says:

Would John Steinbeck have finished The Grapes of Wrath if he had to spend his time ferretting out the spyware from his computer? Would Ernest Hemingway have even started The Old Man and the Sea if he had been occupied with critical Windows security patches every two weeks?

Very good stuff. Check it out, if you can, and send along a link if you find one.

Friday was "Buy Nothing Day"…

Friday was “Buy Nothing Day,” but unfortunately, I didn’t stick with it this year, the first in a decade or two. At 5 AM, I could be found outside the local Best Buy with Laura, shivering in the cold. We bought a laptop that’s the graduation present for my son. What a miserable experience! An hour of standing around outside followed by a mad and completely disorganized crush into the store, and an hour-and-a-half of standing around to purchase the one item.

I hope it will be two decades before I shop again on madness day.

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