Archive | November 28, 2003

Balmer on Windows vs. Linux security

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, spoke recently at a panel discussion of a Gartner-sponsored conference, and was fascinating to watch. He blundered and spouted and was nearly incoherent. The one allegation he said that stuck with me was the claim that, in the first 150 days of release, one version of Windows had less security flaws than Red Hat Linux 6 during its first 150 days. It sounded fishy and artificial and contrived.

Ballmer Says Commercial Software is Better Because Someone’s Rear End is on the Line” is an article in response.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Vulnerability

A caution to those of you who might have deployed Exchange Server 2003: it appears that the Outlook Web Access interface may provide a security hole, not the first time this component has done that. It appears to be related to the disabling of Kerberos security. Here’s one article on the problem.

I saw another article while browsing last night that linked the disabling of Kerberos to the installation of Portal Server or Services on the server machine, but I neglected to bookmark the link, sorry.

Thanksgiving: Joe, Yap and Chesapeake

Brother Joe made it to Seattle on his humanitarian mission to Yap in Micronesia before being told to stand down, and then scrambling for a way back east on the busiest travel week of the year. Fortunately, he made it and got to visit for Thanksgiving yesterday. Much to give thanks for.

He also sent on this great column, “Gertrude Stein was right,” bemoaning the monotonous uniformity of America. A good read.

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