Archive | November 30, 2003

Steve Gillmor

Steve Gillmor predicts “Look Out, Outlook: RSS Ahead in 2004” in his eWeek column:

This is a game at which Microsoft excels÷the waiting game. Clone, wait, collaborate, extend, wait, repeat, rinse, dry. But now comes RSS÷and the rules may have changed. First, the enemy is now scattered, behind rocks, in startups, open source, virtual coalitions that pop up on IM and videoconferencing, and a myriad loosely coupled evolutionary steps forward.

I’d not count Microsoft out of the game. Despite their “Windows Everywhere” and Windows Any Way tactics, they do have the advantage of being able to place their solution onto 100 million desktops and then enhance, embrace, extend and extinguish until they get it right or discredit the underlying technology.

Check out Gillmor’s predictions for future technologies. There’s some opportunities there, if he’s right.

White Papers as PDF?

I’m looking at republishing much of the white paper and slide material available at my site as PDF. Why? The format is “Portable” readable in many browsers and platforms consistently. It’s easier to print out in readable format. It doesn’t take significantly more space or bandwidth than the bloated HTML of Word or StarOffice documents. And it looks better.

I’d really be interested in feedback on whether you would find the PDF more or less convenient, accessible or useful. Hit the comments link below and share your opinion, please.

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