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The challenges of modern IT

Worm Lays Waste To IT’s Defenses.
“With preventive initiatives slowed by corporate bureaucracy, the IT
infrastructure becomes easy prey for the Sasser worm.” from Computerworld News.

This is a good tale of how it really works down in the trenches, with
communication issues, bureaucracy and uncooperative groups making
security a difficult challenge.

Happy Memorial Day

A rare day off at Ted Roche & Associates, LLC. Still, spent an hour
this morning posting some solutions to MySQL queries to the ProFox
list, and a few hours working on a chapter about connecting to MySQL
from Visual FoxPro. But also got some time in with Laura working on
roman shades in the office. And, lest we forget, more than a few
minutes remembering those who sacrificed so we could enjoy the freedom
of the holiday. Have a good Memorial Day.

Bob Metcalfe: IT Matters

The Harvard Business Review published an article last year entitled
“Why I.T. Doesn’t Matter,” a very popular article followed up by a book
of the same name. Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet and former
industry publisher, responds here.

Subversion… check it out!

Subversion: The new-generation CVS. Software development is an iterative process that … [OSNews]

Subversion is hot stuff, a clean re-implementation built on the ideas
of CVS but with the added features to support better multi-file
versioning, remote access and improved security. I’ve got clients
running on Windows, Linux and OS X, and plan to move my main repository
there soon.

VFP Revolutions

A new letter of protest, asking Microsoft to give the Visual FoxPro
product its due, is making this rounds. Started in Brazil, it’s picked
up 500 signatures in the first few days worldwide.
“For all Visual FoxPro Developers community Although sometimes
happenings small jobs offering waves for the VFP developers, we feel
that in the last years had a big job offering or projects reduction
having like base the VFP, this in the world…” Link via the FoxForum Wiki

Five Years of Cluetrain

Five years of Cluetrain.
“Giles Turnbull writes in The Guardian on how that Cluetrain stuff
worked out now that it’s been five years since the site went up. Good
article. I’m always a bit awkward talking about Cluetrain. I think it
was basically right about the value of the Net at a time when the media
and most businesses were (IMO) insistently wrong. But, for example, the
other day at a conference someone very sweetly thanked me, crediting
Cluetrain as the inspiration for the company he’d founded. That’s great
to hear, but it also invokes my Flight or Polite instinct. Cluetrain
tried to articulate…” from Joho the Blog

SAX Processing in Python

OSNews links to this great article on SAX processing in Python on DevChannel by Derek Fountain:

application developer can choose any one of a number of strategies to read and use an XML
document. In some very simple examples a script containing a
number of regular expressions might do the job, but normally
a more rigorous technique is required. The Simple API for XML
(SAX) is one of the two key techniques for analysing and processing
XML documents (the other is the more complicated Document Object Model (DOM)).

The article is very timely, as I’ve just
been working to convert some XML processing into Python.

A new product from Software Garden

Dan Bricklin  announces
a new product from Software Garden: “Finally, I’ve released the first
new product from Software Garden since returning full-time. The product
itself is very simple — less than 400 lines of Perl plus
documentation. The goal was not to make a major product. Rather, the
goal was to do a complete release of a simple product, web site and
all, to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.”

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