Archive | May 18, 2004

New office productivity tools

Fresh rivals take on Microsoft Office Goliath.
“China’s Evermore Software and Oregon’s Gobe Software have launched
products that take novel approaches to the productivity software
market, hoping to chip away at Microsoft’s dominance.” [CNET]

Looks like the Office market may be heating up again. That’s good. Competition is a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Red hat Fedora Core 2 hits the streets

Red Hat releases new hobbyist Linux.
“The company rolls out its newest Linux product, Fedora Core 2, a free
version designed for enthusiasts and developers who want to try out
newer features.” from  [CNET]

Hmmm, I think “hobbyist” is a bit of a put-down. There are many other
freely-distributable distributions that are not just for “hobbyists”
but for DIYers. Red Hat is  offering a fairly easy-to-maintain and
well-supported distribution – provided that you’re willing to hang out
on the forums and learn to do the maintenance yourself. So far, I’ve
had a lot of success using Fedora Core 1 on our company’s intranet and
on two of our notebooks.

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