Archive | May 29, 2004

Subversion… check it out!

Subversion: The new-generation CVS. Software development is an iterative process that … [OSNews]

Subversion is hot stuff, a clean re-implementation built on the ideas
of CVS but with the added features to support better multi-file
versioning, remote access and improved security. I’ve got clients
running on Windows, Linux and OS X, and plan to move my main repository
there soon.

VFP Revolutions

A new letter of protest, asking Microsoft to give the Visual FoxPro
product its due, is making this rounds. Started in Brazil, it’s picked
up 500 signatures in the first few days worldwide.
“For all Visual FoxPro Developers community Although sometimes
happenings small jobs offering waves for the VFP developers, we feel
that in the last years had a big job offering or projects reduction
having like base the VFP, this in the world…” Link via the FoxForum Wiki

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