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Wardriving a Zip Code and Looking at Demographics

Wardriving a Zip Code and Looking at Demographics.
“A writer becomes curious about his California Zip code’s Wi-Fi
penetration, and creates a map: Lee Gomes of The Wall Street Journal
drives around for hours, picks up 3,000 hotspots in a population of
70,000 households, and then maps the results against income. His
conclusion: Wi-Fi has become so ubiquitous in urban areas that even
though it’s not linked together, we have practically a seamless network
already. (Tie that idea in with community mesh, and you’ve got
ubiquitous access.)” [link via Brian Chin]… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

Yet Another Switcher Story

Information Week has this sidebar to a story on Linux going mainstream:

‘Suppose I upgrade to Windows 2003 and Windows XP.
What would I be able to do then that I can’t do with my current boxes?
Nothing. I don’t need all of the collaborative features,’ Hentzen says.

Watch for more and more of these stories in the coming months.

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