Archive | May 27, 2004

SAX Processing in Python

OSNews links to this great article on SAX processing in Python on DevChannel by Derek Fountain:

application developer can choose any one of a number of strategies to read and use an XML
document. In some very simple examples a script containing a
number of regular expressions might do the job, but normally
a more rigorous technique is required. The Simple API for XML
(SAX) is one of the two key techniques for analysing and processing
XML documents (the other is the more complicated Document Object Model (DOM)).

The article is very timely, as I’ve just
been working to convert some XML processing into Python.

A new product from Software Garden

Dan Bricklin  announces
a new product from Software Garden: “Finally, I’ve released the first
new product from Software Garden since returning full-time. The product
itself is very simple — less than 400 lines of Perl plus
documentation. The goal was not to make a major product. Rather, the
goal was to do a complete release of a simple product, web site and
all, to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.”

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