DevEssentials 2004 Day One

Scott Ambler warmed up the crowd last night with a provocative keynote on agile development. No one was left unmoved.

Ken Levy did the keynote this morning showing off the new public beta
of Visual FoxPro 9. His presentation was a mixture of the keynote
previews he’s been doing for the last year, combined with full
disclosures on the new features, especially the report writer.

Here are a few bullet points:
– VFP 9 was based on customer wish list feedback.
– Primary goal to maintain backward compatibility.
– Enhanced language and data types
– Additional end user UI features
– Increased developer productivity
– Significant report writer enhancements
– Extended DotNet and SQL Server interoperability
– More reliability.
– Scheduled released is Q4 2004

Sessions going well. More notes as I have the chance.

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