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Microsoft’s actions speak louder than words

Bruce Schneier, a respected security analyst, in this NetworkWorldFusion op-ed, opines that “Microsoft’s actions speak louder than words” in denying pirated versions of Windows XP the Service Pack 2 security patches:
“Microsoft is harming its licensed users by denying security to
unlicensed users… This decision, more than anything else Microsoft
has said or done in the past few years, proves to me that security is
not the company’s first priority.”

One ringy-dingy… virus calling!

Bluetooth Worm.
Symantec reports on a Bluetooth worm: It spreads itself on Nokia Series
60 phones and tries to install itself on any Bluetooth device it finds,
reducing battery life for the infected phone. A recipient has to accept
the file, apparently, for it to transmit. It’s hard to delete because
it hides itself in a directory that’s not accessible to the average
user. [link via Xeni Jardin]… [Wi-Fi Networking News]

RSS and PVRs?

Great article by Steve Gillmor in eWeek on the promise and power of RSS. He really
gets it. Here’s the short version: video broadcasters can publish what
content appears where and when via RSS; smart clients
read/parse/filter/flag content, and record via programmable personal
video recorders (PVRs). Voila! Instant customized video. Very cool.
[Ed: removed old links whose Internet Archive links had died.]

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