Archive | June 18, 2004

Cory Doctorow to Microsoft: DRM won’t work

DRM: A Bad Business Move for Microsoft.
“Invited guest Doctorow told the Microsoft Research staff that DRM
systems don’t work; are bad for society; are bad for business; and are
bad for artists. In short: “DRM is a bad business-move for Microsoft,”
Link from Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley.

Great speech linked on the Microsoft Watch site: a simple and clear
explanation of why Digital Restriction Management is dumb and
impractical. Copying things for backup, time-shift, place-shift and fair use should be easy; stealing things is wrong. Let’s work out how to make that happen instead.

Should Microsoft ask for a refund when FUD flops?

Microsoft distances itself from Alexis de Tocqueville Institution Linux study.
“Microsoft is distancing itself from an Alexis de Tocqueville Instution
study which attempted to cast doubts on the origins of Linux.” Link via
Ars Technica

Microsoft funded the “Institution” but their report was too outrageous
to be believed. How many more organizations are out there, funded by
vendors and reporting falsehoods?

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