Archive | June 22, 2004

The Answers Really Are Out There…

Andrew MacNeill – AKSEL Solutions responded to my query about Office having a 3% upgrade rate: “Only 3% of Office Users Using Office 2003?. Ted
wanted to know where Jeff Riefman got his facts from on his complaints
about Office, etc. Here’s the quote right from Ballmer’s mouth, in
response to a question about long vs. small steps (back on April 7,

2, it is not like Office releases, in any sense, have slowed down. We
did Office 2000; we did Office 2003; we are working away on the next
release. Most of our customers do not use Office 2003 yet. It has been
in the market, what, four or five months–something like that–and
maybe 1, 2, 3 percent of the installed base use Office 2003 so far. I
think we have got plenty of headroom before we need another product to
bring huge benefit to a lot of people. “

Read the entire article: here. By the way, Jeff’s original comments were in the Seattle Weekly

Thanks, Andrew!

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