Yet Another Switcher…

Ernie The Attorney blogs “Microsoft guy switches to Apple and guess what?.
Jeff Riefman writes about his experience with Windows: I began using
Microsoft products 23 years ago, at age 11, and I worked for Microsoft
from 1991 to 1999 as a technology manager. For many years, I was a
Microsoft loyalist.” Yawn! Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Yes,
yet another switcher story. This one has some interesting variations,
but really, folks, let’s get over it: most people who try out
Microsoft’s competition stay away.

But wait. If you can plow thorugh his whining that he has to reboot his
Windows XP machine every day and that Outlook locks up on him (sounds
like his machine could use some work), eventually he gets into a
discussion of the economics and business model of Microsoft that
actually has some merit. Very interestingly, he cites the “fact” that
less than 3% of the installed Office base has upgraded to the latest
version. Do any of my readers (yes, both of you!) know where he got
that statistic? I’d really like to learn some more about that.

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