Win XP SP2 and Samba problems?

I have no trouble browsing and seeing shares on my Samba (2.27) file
server from my Windows XP SP1 client. However, on the test machine with
SP2 RC2, using the “Add a network place” (boy, I love being treated
like an idiot), the dialogs let me browse and see all the shares on
Windows machines, but it doesn’t show the shares on the Samba server.
Providing the explicit path in the dialog’s text box
(\\server\sharename) did let me see the files on the share, and read
and write them without a problem. It appears that just browsing is the
issue. A quick Google didn’t turn up any documentation on this, so I’ll
have to try to figure out if it’s something in my settings or
UPDATE: Never mind. Must have just taken a while for the browsers to get in synch. The shares appear fine now. That’s a relief!

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