Monadnock Linux User Group tonight: Ira Krakow on Wine

The next meeting of the Monadnock Linux User Group (MonadLUG) will be this Thursday, July 14th, 7:00pm, at the SAU 1 Superintendent’s Office behind South Meadow School in Peterborough. Google map here.

This is a combined meeting with CentraLUG (of the Concord area) and will feature guest speaker Ira Krakow, discussing WINE and running Windows applications on Linux. Ira will present an overview of Wine, which enables Windows applications to run in Linux, and Winelib, which enables Windows application sources to compile and run on Linux. Ira discusses Wine and Winelib, which make it possible to run some Windows applications on Linux, and to more easily port applications that were originally written for a Windows platform.

He’ll also touch on other projects that can help an enterprise overcome its Windows dependencies, such as ReactOS (the open source port of Windows NT), MinGW (the port of GCC for Windows programs), and Mono (essentially, Wine for .NET and C#). Ira is currently co- authoring a book for Prentice-Hall, on Wine and Winelib; his co- author is Brian Vincent.

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