OPML Editor to be released soon

At Scripting News, Dave Winer posts A picture named ohYeahhhhSmall.gif“If all goes well, the OPML Editor will be available publicly on Monday. I fixed a couple of important bugs today, one involved rewriting the startup process, which was horribly wrong. I had to take the time to understand the issues, and now I just can’t break it and so far neither have any of the testers been able to. I’m very excited about this release, it’s the first time I did roadshows before a release, and it’s looking like I’ll be able to do one in Toronto after the release, next week. So you could say it’s an international rollout, and you’d be right. I was careful to explain in the Terms of Service that it’s all for evaluation purposes, and I’ll note here that the back end will be GPL’d too, so people will have choice about where to serve their OPML. So we’re about to get an upgrade in the part of the web we use. That doesn’t happen every day, not even every year.” [Emphasis mine]

Eagerly looking forward to it.

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