US Residents Prefer DSL to Cable?

Over at Ars Technica, Eric Bangeman posts US residents like DSL better than cable. “Broadband adoption continues to climb slowly, and now the question is which form consumers prefer, cable or DSL?” Interesting results. I’m not sure all that many people have the choice, with the requirement that DSL must be installed within a certain distance of a “central office” (CO). We have cable internet for our recreational surfing and hobbies, and business DSL for the home office. The business DSL is slower. Both have been remarkably solid (knock wood). Front-line tech support for both has been clueless, but when you get to a real tech, I’ve been dealt with promptly, knowledgeably and courteously. Pricing is unfortunately not a differentiator as both the local cable and incumbent telephone have no (wired) competition, and satellite doesn’t seem practical.

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