Tools for committing subversion

Subversion is a source code control system designed as a replacement for the Concurrent Version System (CVS). Subversion is platform-agnostic and has clients available on Windows, OS X and Linux and supports access locally via the file:// protocol or remotely via svn:// or svn+ssh:// protocols, WebDav via http:// or https://. Very cool. There’s a free book also available in print from O’Reilly. In addition, there are a bunch of add-on tools or links to other tools, like:

  • SVNclipse: add on for the Eclipse IDE
  • RapidSVN: a full GUI into the source code control system
  • TortoiseSVN (updated link): integration into the Windows Explorer: select “CheckIn”, “CheckOut” and other options directly.

There are even more links at the Wikipedia page. Er, check it out!

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