Net Neutrality Matters! is pushing the concept of “net neutrality,” the idea that our Internet Service Providers need to be required to provide us with an open pipe to the internet and not restrict services such as Skype or Asterisk VOIP that might compete with their own premium services.

My representative in Congress, Charles F. Bass II, is flagged as “voted against net neutrality.” I've written regularly to Representative Bass and we disagree on most technical issues, like the broadcast flag. Charlie seems to have bought what Big Media is pitching with a recent response of his talking about “closing the analog hole.” There is no analog hole. It's a Big Media myth. Just because kids record their favorite songs to tape off the FM radio and make their own degraded 2nd-generation party tapes doesn't mean the Bg Media have lost any sales. On the contrary, they have enthusiasts promoting their music. Walking out of a show singing a tune is not piracy, nor public performance. The analog holes are in our heads — they're called ears. But I digress…

If you're in New Hampshire, call Rep. Bass II now at 202-225-5206 and say: “I was disappointed in your vote against the Markey amendment to the COPE Act. Please keep the Internet free and open by voting for enforceable network neutrality requirements in the future. Thank you.” If you're not in New Hampshire, check the web site above and find out where your Congressperson stands. Let them know what you think.

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