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Saturday, 06 April, 2002

Spent a half hour trying to help Whil understand the joy of Outlook distribution lists. It’s not a pretty story. Sue Mosher’s is considered one of the best sources:

The guys and gals at Memory Man, (don’t forget the hyphen!) have a great online system for identifying the kind of memory you need, and an efficient order processing system. I’ve bought from them successfully a number of times. Just upgraded the Dell Latitude CPiA to 256 Mb RAM this morning, effortlessly. I like it when stuff works the way it is supposed to!

Replaced the rechargable battery in the Microsoft Phone, earned for writing cerification questions in Palm Springs, for the first time. Almost $20, and a special order. But the phone is working again.

Spent the day shopping for new office furniture. Had fun. Nothing bought, yet.

Saw “Toy Story” tonight – yeah, I know I’m a few years late. Excellent flick.

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