Sunday, 07 April, 2002

Spring forward!

Installed UltraEdit on my main development machine. What a program! Incredible capabilities, small memory footprint, everything you want in a programmer’s editor, and $35.00 shareware. Hard to beat. Unless, of course, you try out the Programmer’s File Editor I mentioned two weeks ago, for free. But I don’t begrudge a fellow developer $35, especially for a worthwhile program.

Downloaded the Session Plug In and Tiger Skin skin for the twiki, and have them half-working (and half not). Could be cool if I can get a better look going for the twiki here. Before I go public with this thing, there’s three items I want to work through:

  1. a new machine – probably the Dell Workstation 400 dual PII-333
  2. a better look – the default TWiki is pretty amateurish
  3. logon capabilities – There’s no way NOT to be TWikiGuest right now.

Mike Lewis is an active participant in the FoxPro forums on CompuServe. His home page is (updated)

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