Archive | May 4, 2003

X-Men 2: The Sequel Equals The Original

X2.jpgSteve and I saw the 1 PM show of XMen 2 – great fun! Lots of good special effects, stuff blowing up, nasty Wolverine fight scenes, awesome ending. Just like the comic books. Would have liked a little more depth into the characters, a little more acting, but how to fit everything into a movie? It’s tough.

Two great movies in one day!

Fosse.jpgLaura and I watched “Fosse” last night. Whew! Great, great, great dancing! It was really interesting to see Fosse pieces from the 50s against dances from the 70s and 90s. What an evolution. The cast was marvelous. Mini-interviews between acts brought even more depth to the performance. A great evening, a great day. This is what weekends were meant to be!

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