Archive | May 5, 2003

GEOS lives…

Breadbox Obtains Worldwide Exclusive Geos Rights from OSNews

I was a big fan of GEOS on the Commodore 64. I beta tested several of their packages, including their GeoWrite, GeoCalc and a GeoBasic development IDE that never saw the light of day. On a 1 megahertz, 8-bit 6502 processor with 64 Kb of RAM, they had a GUI, WYSIWYG editors, scalable fonts, mouse, icons, PostScript output and more. With a souped-up system like mine (1 Mb RAM expander, low and *high-density* floppy drives, etc.), it was a slick system for office use and DTP.

I’ve just had an inquiry from a 501(c)(3) charity with *no* money and 100 486s. I wonder if GEOS might be the solution for them…

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