Archive | May 6, 2003

And inta here….

Arrived in Knoxville. Very pretty airport, and comfortably small. It’s so GREEN down here! Lawns already need mowing. In Contoocook, the snow’s just finished melting three weeks ago…


Off to the client site for a multi-day visit. Hope to connect when I’m down there. Y’all take care!

Wordy error notices of death

Don’t you hate it when a machine tells you you’re wrong? Wordy error notices of death.

“I just went to register a product at the Creative site, and got this:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01a8’
Object required: ‘cmdl’
/register/OCXnp.asp, line 212

And just yesterday I failed to buy a product at because it insisted that my zip code was an error, and offered a popout menu with ten other nearby zip codes, all wrong. So I failed to make the buy. Smooth, huh?”

from The Doc Searls Weblog

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