Archive | May 14, 2003

Boston Windows User Group gives away 700 copies of Windows Server 2003

As part of the Windows Server 2003 rollout, Microsft was promoting a special offer to user groups for fully-licensed (not NFR, samples or 120-day trial copies) of Windows Server 2003 to each of their members who attended the rollout. Response apparently was phenomenal.


Microsoft may have a lot of cash, but the company is now seeking
something money cannot buy — the love and respect of its customers.
And nothing says “kinship” like free copies of Windows Server 2003.,289142,sid1_gci901047,00.html


Article: Communal computing — Microsoft courts Windows community,289142,sid1_gci894169,00.html?Exclusive=True

Boston Area FoxPro User Group announces Whil Hentzen Linux meeting

Boston FUG, May 21st: Whil Hentzen: What do you get when you cross a Fox with a Penguin?. The Boston Area FoxPro User Group welcomes Whil Hentzen, presenting “Expanding Your VFP Skillset with Linux.” Open to the public. BAFUG meets at a special place, date and time: New York Life Investment Management, Norwood, MA, May 21st, 6 PM for UG meeting, 6:30 PM for main presentation. For directions and more information, visit the group homepage. Subscribe or read the meeting announcements by clicking here. Seating is limited to first 100 attendees, with limited SRO space, so plan to arrive early for a good seat! [FoxCentral.Net]

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