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Must we eat Klaaah if we take the job?

Oregon county seeks Klingon interpreter for mental health patients: ”We have to provide information in all the languages our clients speak,” said Jerry Jelusich, a procurement specialist for the county Department of Human Services, which serves about 60,000 mental health clients.

Kuro5hin explains the hoax, and explores the birth of a new urban legend, Ed Leafe points out.

I just saw the headline go by on CNN. I’m almost tempted to stay up to see if they’ve figured out it’s a gag yet.

Is yet another 90’s buzzterm dead?

An interesting article that suggests that “New Media” was oversold. It was also undermined by the telopolies that promised optical fiber to the home, but delivered POTS and got out-maneuvered by cable. Still, I’m posting this on a 50.2 kb dial-up. I don;t think “New Media” runs on old copper. However, I do think that collaboration and community and social software may be the NBT, perhaps the New Media we didn’t know we were waiting for. ‘New Media’: Ready for the Dustbin of History?. “The digital age held out the potential for a genuinely “new media.” But is the World Wide Web only good for shopping and searching?” By Steve Lohr. [New York Times: Technology]

15 tips for remote collaboration

There’s some good principles here that applied to all teams. From Adaptive Path: Fifteen Tips for Remote Collaboration [ed: updated link]. “It will always be easier to rally a group of people who work in the same building, but you can accomplish just as much (or more) with a motivated remote team. Getting team members motivated in the first place and holding their interest are your goals. Here are fifteen quick and useful tips to get you started.” Linked from Tomalak’s Realm

Does T-Rex signal the end of an epoch?

I think we need to talk with the IBM marketeers. If you’re really trying to get across the message that a technology is alive and well, does the codename “T-Rex” really make sense? “IBM to unearth T-Rex mainframe. The z990 system, code-named T-Rex, spearheads Big Blue’s effort to insure that its mainframes–under fierce competition from Unix and Windows servers–aren’t doomed to extinction.” Posted on CNET

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