The Power of the Web

Had a humbling reminder today. I was looking for a little utility, PFE32, a “Professional File Editor,” highly recommended if you’re swapping files from Unix to PC, because of it’s automatic CR – to – CRLF translations. I knew it was somewhere on my hard drive, since I had copied backups of my last two machines (2 Gb and 6 GB, respectively) onto it. But Microsoft search was taking forever to plow through even the small subset of folders where I suspected it to be. Google to the rescue! “PFE32” and I was pointing to the web site, clicked through some links to a local download site, and I had the 700+ kb file unzipped before Search had finished, even though I’m dialed up on a pitiful 26.4 kbps connection. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe I should get my stuff better organized. Maybe I should enable Indexing Services on my local machine.

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