Woo-hoo! 100 Mbps wireless! The air will cook!

US Robotics Claims 100 Mbps. “US Robotics offering proprietary 100 Mbps + speeds in new “Turbo” 802.11g gear: The explanation that they’re placing all the speed on a single channel doesn’t make any sense, of course. They’re limited by channelization, so they’re increasing the symbol rate in some way, which certainly would decrease distance because of issues of reflection in OFDM (or whatever the Texas Instruments underlaying chips are doing at 100 Mbps — PBCC?). More interesting is a $250 product they plan to ship in July which has the Linksys WAP54G features (AP, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, client) but also can act as a repeater for relaying signals. It’s unclear whether it can be a bridge and an AP simultaneously….” from Wi-Fi Networking News

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