Hittin’ the fan….

I’m disappointed to see a (un)civil war breaking out in the blogging community over RSS and a proposed new technique, nicknamed “Echo.” While there are surely limitations to the older formats (lack of well-formedness, difficulty in parsing), there is the undeniable situation of an existing standard, or standards. ASCII had limitations, too, but tearing it all down and replacing it with a new format might not have been the right thing to do. Progress and evolution of a standard to a better one is better than breaking everything out there.

From [Jon’s Radio]: Voices. So many voices in this most tumultuous of the many tumultuous moments I’ve lived through, in my five years of involvement with the RSS phenomenon. So many people taking time away from friends and family, this weekend, to consider the matters at hand. So tempting to simplify it all as a silly-season little-endian/big-endian tempest in a teapot. So much at stake. Update: So sad the voice that started it all has, for now, gone silent. Further update: And now is back, thankfully.

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