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Joel Spolsky: Things You Should Never Do, Part I

A summer re-run for you: Joel on Software from June of 2000:

There’s a subtle reason that programmers always want to throw away the code and start over.

Good reading. A great deal of my job is working with clients and
pre-existing code bases. From the many folks I’ve worked with, I’ve
learned that my tolerance level for Other People’s Code (OPC) is much
higher than most.  They shipped it, it works, well, mostly, it
paid for the ir kids orthodonture, and clients are using it to make
money. There’s a lot of good in there.

No iMacs until September

Apple says no iMacs until September.
With inventories of flat panel iMacs dwindling, Apple has announced
that there will be no more iMacs until September. Details on the new
iMacs remain a mystery. [Ars Technica]

If you haven’t see Steve Jobs’ keynote from the recent World Wide
Developer Conference, you can catch it (in streaming QuickTime, natch) here.
For those of you without an hour and a half to kill, here’s the
highlights: OS X Next is “Tiger” shipping 1H 2004, “years ahead of
Longhorn” stated at least five times, some cool little widgets,
excellent GPU integration for video and image effects native to the OS,
many, many enhancements and improvements. iPods got a special interface
with new BMWs (bleh) and Coopers (cool).. Latest cinema display: 30″,
4.1 megapixels. Woah.

Oh, and Safari (the Apple browser) ships with RSS know-how built in. Looks promising.

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