Archive | July 14, 2004

Dan Bricklin: Software That Lasts 200 Years

Dan Bricklin writes in Dan Bricklin’s Log: “Software that lasts 200 years.
I just posted a new essay that grew out of my exposure to the state of
Massachusetts’ work on open source and open standards, as well as from
my thinking about open source and software development business models
in general.”

“It looks like the structure and culture of a
typical prepackaged software company is not attuned to the long-term
needs of society for software that is part of its infrastructure. This
essay discusses the ecosystem needed for development that better meets
those needs.”

Read “Software That Lasts 200 Years“. 

Monthly Microsoft patch bonanza

Microsoft issues seven security patches, two critical.
Software updates released today by Microsoft include fixes for
previously unknown flaws in the Windows OS, including critical holes in
the Windows Task Manager and HTML help features. [Computerworld News]

HTML Help, Task Manager and IIS 4.0 under NT 4 all get patches. Hot stuff. Get patched.

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