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RSS lets the web reach its early promise, says Dickerson

Chad Dickerson writes in InfoWorld’s CTO Connection column:
“RSS growing pains.
These days, despite near-universal acclaim for the technology, I have a
real love/hate relationship with RSS. The love part of the relationship
derives from the profound changes in my information production and
consumption habits during the past year and a half. During that time,
Iâve been blogging and producing content with RSS. Whereas my e-mail
client, MS Word, and Google used to rule my desktop, I now find myself
using Bloglines, Feedster, and Technorati throughout the day and
writing to my internal and external blogs using ecto. Although the
plumbing is quite simple, Iâm still fascinated by all the background
pinging (as new Weblog content is posted) and the real-time indexing of
fresh content. When Dave Sifry at Technorati reports that the median
time from Weblog content posting until that content is available for
search on Technorati is seven minutes, I see a paradigm shifting.
Despite ãonlyä being XML, RSS is the driving force fulfilling the Webâs
original promise: making the Web useful in an exciting, real-time way.”
[InfoWorld: Application development]

Fox Wiki White Paper Directory

On the FoxForum Wiki, I’ve started a page called “White Paper Directory” listing web pages I’ve found with useful Visual FoxPro information in the form of speaker’s notes, reprinted articles and so forth. If you know of other resources, and I know there are many, please add to the page.

What a great application for RSS this could be! If each author were to generate and maintain their white paper directory using RSS (as Rick Strahl does in this RSS feed), a central aggregator could easily keep up with what’s changing and offer the ability to search. Wouldn’t this be a killer app?

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