Archive | July 7, 2004

IE still not safe

Another Internet Explorer flaw found.
“A researcher shows how a hacker could bypass a Microsoft patch and
continue to exploit the software giant’s Web browser.” Article on CNET

Microsoft on Friday released a fix
that’s designed to protect computers from one of three flaws that,
together, could be used to digitally slip past a PC’s security through
the browser. This weekend, however, a security researcher identified
another flaw that could serve the same purpose and which isn’t fixed by
Microsoft’s patch.


Linux updates at

Upgraded the web server from Red Hat 8 to Fedora Core 2 using the yum updater, following the instructions here. Installed the vsFTPd ftp server so that I could move updates more quickly to the server. Reviewing security issues, found this page, which had some good stuff on it. In fact, the entire seems rich with hundreds of links (page down on the home page) and dozens of tutorials. Reconfigured and updated WebMin, including adding in a 3rd party module for vsftpd. Man, the richness of material available on the web is amazing!

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