Archive | July 12, 2004

An AntiVirus Ate My Computer!

I thought anti-viruses were supposed to be the good guys. Somewhere
between installing Microsoft’s latest patch and installing Norton
AntiVirus 2004, my Windows XP laptop has lost its ability to do all
things IE-related without superfluous “Scripts are usually safe. Do you
want to allow scripts to run?” dialogs and “Internal Program Error”
dialogs. Attempting
to restore XP to a restore point failed, as it always has on the
machine — wonder what magic is involved in setting it up to work
correctly. It would be no problem if it only took out IE, as I prefer
FireFox for browsing, but it has also disabled QuickBooks and the
Norton AntiVirus user interface. Integrating their products with
Microsoft’s IE engine may not have been the smartest move. The
solution, according to Symantec’s
email support , is to completely remove NAV and reinstall IE, a process
they document in 21 pages in their email and knowledgebase.

Off to try the cure. Hope it’s not worse than the disease. Wish me luck.

Developers, developers, developers, developers

Microsoft boosts partner investments. Company also reallocates one-third of its worldwide direct customer-marketing to joint-marketing with partners. [CNET]

Putting its money where it’s mouth is, Microsoft is trying to lure partners who buy into its vision.

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