FoxForum Wiki RSS Feed

Steven Black has started self-publishing an RSS 2.0 Feed for the
FoxForum wiki, using a Web Connection routine that generates the RSS
on-demand, I think. It’s hard to tell, because he’s not including
the optional “lastBuildDate” in the channel header.

Steven and I made some different design decisions in how we formed the
feeds that are educational to look at. Steve stuffs nearly the entire
content into the feed. This certainly provides a richer stream, and
means he doesn’t have to serve the content twice. On the other hand, I
prefered to serve a “light” feed, that would encourage traffic to his
site, since I didn’t want to take away from any revenue-raising efforts
he has on the site. In addition, I can easily skim the headlines
of the site, and then navigate to the topics I’d like to read, and
often contribute.

UPDATE: Steve’s modified the feed with optional parameters so you can get shorter descriptions or none at all. Bravo!

WikiRssDocumentation. Here is how the wiki software determines what to include in the WikiRss feed. [FoxForum Wiki]

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