Rick Strahl: Flexible Web Service Consumption Using VFP

Rick Strahl’s got a great article on his site that shows how VFP can
consume more complex Web Services than the silly “Hello, World”
examples, using Rick’s free wwSOAP classes. I recently worked with a
client who was transferring data back and forth (from a non-Microsoft
based service) using parameter objects, and the VFP work was not
trivial. Wish I’d had this article then. Great stuff!

[Updated, a better link and article — ed] https://www.west-wind.com/presentations/foxdotnetwebservices/

“Article: Calling .Net Web Services for Data Access with Visual FoxPro.
Find out how to create a .Net Web Service that serves up data in a
variety of ways, then see how to consume this data with Visual FoxPro.
.Net Web Services are easy to develop, debug and deploy, but consuming
the data, especially with Visual FoxPro is not always as straight
forward as you might think. This article discusses how to pass complex
data between .Net Web Services and Visual FoxPro and provides several
tools to facilitate and standardize the process of building solid Web
Service clients for your applications and workaround some of the
limitations. By West Wind Technologies.” Link via FoxCentral News


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