Doc Searls weighs in on the Google Toolbar AutoLink feature

The Doc Searls Weblog posts Markets are Relationships, Part N. “Anyway, here’s the problem: Google is an advertising company, more than a search company. That’s becoming clearer with this feature, and the company’s apparent lack of interest in the feedback they’ve been getting.”

Insightful column, with many references and links to other thinkers on this matter. I’ll be interested in Google’s response.

Doc missed the boat on the last item, though: “Note: Microsoft dropped whatever-it-was [later: SmartTags] that Autolink does as well. Why? Because Microsoft listened to its customers.” I don’t think so. I think Microsoft dropped SmartTags from IE and from visibility because they were taking too much flack in the media. Like HailStorm or Palladium or other MSFT maneuvers, they are alive and well and being repackaged, renamed and slip-streamed into other products. Keep an eye on them.

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