Archive | March 22, 2005

Dabo 0.3.2 released in time for PyCon

Ed Leafe posts “Just in time for PyCon DC 2005, we’d like to announce the release of Dabo 0.3.2. A summary of what’s changed since the last release can be found at Source code is available for download at”

dabo is an application framework for developing rich-client data-centric applications, released under the OSI-apprived MIT license. It runs (and is in use at customer sites) in Linux, Windows and OS X, and probably in other platforms supporting Python. While the primary focus has been compatibility with MySQL, support for PostgreSQL and Firebird are included in this version. Check out the links above for a wiki full of development information and to download source code and demos to play with.

— Ted Roche, dabo commercial licensee #1

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