Archive | March 13, 2005

Crossing Jordan enters the blogosphere

Andrew MacNeill – AKSEL Solutions blogs Nigel’s Blog – interesting TV /blogging cross-promotion. “NBC’s Crossing Jordan has an interesting concept going on right now. It seems it was started a while ago but one of their forensic characters, Nigel,(played by Steve Valentine) is “blogging”… Yes, doesn’t that sound fake? But what’s neat about this is that it’s all in line with a case being done on the series and the actual blog is broken up with all bits and pieces of what’s going on in the case. (check out the files area for interesting links) Nigel’s Blog

Laura and I enjoy watching Crossing Jordan. The mysteries are fun, the ensemble cast has some good long story arcs, and there are dead bodies. What more could you ask?

The RSS Bubble

Dan points to brother Steve’s posting on The RSS Bubble.

  • Steve Gillmor: Bodcasting. “Splash! Fwoop! Znorf. It’s the sound of nextgen RSS plays parachuting into the Valley, Rte. 128, and everywhere there’s a broadband connection. Odeo, Brightcove, ourmedia, the Times — by this time next spring the forest will be thick with bees circling in search of unpolinated flowers. The RSS Bubble is here.”
  • Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism, Etc.

    Dust off those business plans! Search and replace ASP with RSS! Crank up the burn rate. man, does this game ever end?

    Trade Secrets and the media

    Daring Fireball pokes big holes in the argument that Think Secret is a journalist with his entry “On the Credibility of The New York Times:”

    Reporters for The New York Times don’t do this. They may engage in speculation about upcoming products — including Apple’s — but not by engaging sources willing to reveal a company’s trade secrets.

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