Archive | March 8, 2005

Anything you can do I can do… better?

At the Intel Developer Forum last week, Intel showed off a concept home media case and got some attention from the trade press in a pitiful “Me, too!” effort to try to make Intel-based machines as cool as the Mac Mini.

“Thus far, the concept PC is just a piece of plastic, literally, although its design showed a clock display and optical drive in front, with ports such as USB, optical audio and FireWire in the back.”

You wonder who they are learning innovation from…

Imitation may be flattery, but what’s next? Intel imitation Rolexes?

Hint: it’s not the pretty box. It’s the features, the included software, the slick operating sytem that Just Works , the ease of use, the slick marketing and, yes, cachet that makes the Mac Mini what it is. The $499 (and up) price tag and the pretty box are just facets of that. Intel needs to learn to think different-ly.

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