Archive | March 24, 2005

Boston Windows UG announces a Malware UnloadFest

What a bizarre idea! The Boston Area Windows Server User Group has announced a Malware UnloadFest, an all-day lecture and lab, taking place on Saturday, April 9th at the Microsoft Offices in Waltham, Massachusetts. They are chargine $30.00 admission. I wonder if there’s a money-back guarantee. What’s Microsoft’s liability on this? I can’t believe the User Group members are going to try to “clean” (their word) compromised machines. How can you tell a compromised machine is cured? You can’t. Clean? Dust ’em out, fine. Then FDISK them. Boot them with Knoppix if you have to, to rescue files for which you haven’t a backup (tsk, tsk), but the OS is history and none of the files can be trusted. What a dangerous idea.

FireFox 1.0.2 released

Get Firefox!The FoxProWiki notes that FireFox 1.0.2 is released

Tools | Options | Software Update | Check Now

should start the download. (It doesn’t appear that the Mac version is ready yet, but use FireFox | Preferences instead of Tools | Options ). If you don’t already have it installed, start at to check out all the cool products: FireFox, Thunderbird, the Mozilla Suite, Camino and more.

Note that you will need to restart FireFox to complete the re-install. This patch addresses a GIF buffer-overflow security problem, not yet exploited in the wild, supposedly.

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