Novell Brainshare PR stories

Novell/SuSE is running their BrainShare conference this week, and it looks like they have loaded up on announcments:

OSNews notes “A Bunch of Novell News. Why Novell’s internal migration to Linux desktops is a landmark story. Novell preps Linux Desktop 10: Desktop search, note taking features will surpass Windows, execs say. Novell buys N.H.’s Tally Systems to benefit ZenWorks.”

InfoWorld: Application development reports “Novell preps Linux Desktop 10. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Linux is ready for the corporate desktop, and the forthcoming version of Novell’s Linux Desktop offering will go head-to-head against Windows, Novell executives said here this week at the company’s annual BrainShare gathering.”

Slashdot also picks up on Novells internal migration storry, with “Brainshare Reports: NLD 10, Novell’s Linux Switch. An anonymous reader submits “Computer World has an article about Novell Linux Desktop 10, which was just announced at Brainshare, that it plans to compete directly with Windows. One of the biggest things about NLD 10 is that it will have the desktop search engine Beagle as a feature.” Also from Brainshare, Joe Barr writes on NewsForge about the significance of Novell’s ongoing (multi-year) transition to Linux for all of its 6,000 desktops. Consultants and software sellers of all stripes won’t soon run out of TCO arguments for the products they want to push, but Novell claims to have saved $900,000 last year in Microsoft license fees alone.”

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