Doc Searls IT Garage: ‘Nonfriction’ and ‘Non-Profit Use of Open Source’

Two interesting articles from Doc Searls’ IT Garage: Doc has been banging the drum for a while on the theme of Do It Yourself Information Technology: DIY-IT. In Nonfriction, he ridicules the ‘Vendor Sports’ attitude of much of the information technology press: it’s not Novell vs. WordPerfect, MS vs. Sun, it’s ‘how do I get this stupid document to print’ out in the field. Andrew, you’ll like this piece, as he quotes Guy Kawasaki as well as others. His second piece, Non-Profit Use of Open Source is an interesting story of how FOSS can fit in the the non-profit segment. Some good references to look into here, too. If you’re not subscribed to Doc’s feed, I encourage it. There are some potent ideas brewing here.

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